EXPIRED: 08/04/09 – Benson, 25, was a 64 pound female Carp with a hole in the shape of a cigarette burn in her dorsal fin. That’s right – a really big fish who was caught and released about 63 times.

Originally, there was a pair of fish who were named for Benson and Hedges, a British brand of cigarettes. The name came about from a hole in Benson’s dorsal fin that resembled a cigarette burn. Unfortunately Hedges was lost and presumed perished in a flood of the River Nene in 1998.

Benson lived in Kingfisher Lake  just outside Cambridgeshire, England. This private lake complex is managed to provide an environment that promotes healthy growth in the fish they house, making it popular among anglers looking to land record-sized fish in a catch-and-release setting.

Even though she was a normal sized carp when placed in the waters, Benson grew to a record 64 lbs and became the star attraction, being caught a whopping 63 times. Each time she was released back into the water for another angler to try their hand. But she was found one day belly up – a floater. And now all of England is still trying to determine the cause of her death.



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