EXPIRED: 08/10/09 – Nora Tighe, 104, did a lot of sewing. If she didn’t like a piece of clothing, she’d make it into something else, and it would look great.

Growing up, there were some things that Nora didn’t like about life on the farm. One of them was teaching a calf to drink out of a bucket — having to dunk a calf’s head into a bucket for the first time, and having it half-drown before learning how to drink was one of her least-favourite moments.

But she loved to write stories and poems and documented some of her stories and family memories in a small book, complete with photographs of a life that saw so many changes. This book, called Stories of My Life, has been distributed to her family members, and a copy of can be found at the Nanton Thelma Fanning Memorial Library in Vulcan, Alberta, Canada.

She played cards and she’d always try to cheat. They said she was fun, right up to the end.



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