EXPIRED: 08/26/09 – Sadie Corré, 91, started dancing professionally at 12. She loved doing pantomime and children’s theatre but the paychecks came from less frequent and longer lasting work.

Chitty, Chitty, Bang Bang; Dark Crystal; Who Framed Roger Rabbit; Willow; Return to Oz; Brazil; Dummy; and Caravaggio.

She got paid big bucks to be an Ewok in Star Wars: return of the Jedi, but she is probably best known as a ‘Trannie’ dancer in 1975’s The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) which gave her cult status and kept her in demand at conventions for decades. In her 80s, she continued to be a star on the Rocky Horror website.

The 4′ 1″ tall Transylvanian continued doing the Time Warp in at Rocky Horror Picture Show conventions in London for many years to come, only stopping when her health weakened her a few years back. At that time she resorted to entertaining her companions at the nursing home in St. John’s Wood.



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