EXPIRED: 08/28/09 – Marial Yak, 25, one of the “lost boys of Sudan,” was separated from family in a refugee camp, made it to the US, learned English & went to school. He survived the war in Sudan only to lose his life on a highway ramp in Georgia the day after his birthday.

As kids, the Lost Boys of Sudan were separated from their families during the turmoil of a war in East Africa. They survived months of wandering and lived in refugee camps.

Like many refugees, Yak’s age was unclear. Immigration papers put him at an age too old for high school. It took an American dentist looking at X-rays of his teeth to determine he could go to school. In 2006 he graduated, majoring in English, following it with two years at Oxford of Emory. Then he entered Sparton College of Aeronautics and Technology in Tulsa.

“He wanted to be a pilot or astronaut or something,” his sponsor said.



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