EXPIRED: 08/29/09 – Gennaro ‘Jerry’ Angiulo, 90, Boston based mob boss Angiulo was caught on FBI tapes ordering a footsoldier to “stomp, stab, and strangle” a witness, bragging about his crimes and berating underlings.

The former underboss of the New England Mafia who ruled the Boston rackets from the 1960s until his headline-generating arrest and conviction in the 1980s will go out with a big party in the North End. Not a lot of folks loved Jerry, but he did make the Italian neighborhood a bit cleaner, a bit safer. If you were on his good side.

Angiulo and his three brothers, Donato, Francesco, and Michele were all convicted in February 1986 in the region’s first sweeping federal racketeering case against the mob. He was sentenced to 45 years in prison in the case.

The son of Italian immigrants who ran a North End grocery store, Angiulo rose through the Mafia ranks as a hands-on operators, who had a virtual monopoly on the region’s illegal gambling and loan-sharking.

The Angiulo empire was toppled when the FBI planted bugs in their headquarters for 3 months in 1981, as Angiulo ordered murders and beatings and boasted of his misdeeds.

When he was hauled by FBI agents out of Francesco’s Restaurant in the North End in 1983, he yelled, “I’ll be back before my pork chops get cold.”

But he was wrong. He wasn’t released on parole until 2007. In recent years, he had been living quietly at his home in suburban Nahant.



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