EXPIRED: 09/15/09 – Trevor Rhone, 69, introduced Jamaican culture to the world via his film, “The Harder They Come” starring singer Jimmy Cliff. The soundtrack was more memorable even and, for many, an initial introduction to reggae music and the almighty spliff.

In 1959, Rhone left jamaica for England to attend drama school but returned a decade later when he grew frustrated with the lousy parts offered to black actors.

In the Uk at the time, good roles available for blacks actors were few and far between – and those that were available were written by white playwrights with no understanding of the black experience.

So he returned to Jamaica and started writing instead of acting. Interestingly, more people know of “The Harder They Come” because of the soundtrack to the movie – featuring music by Jimmy Cliff, Toots and the Maytals and Desmond Dekker – more than the movie itself. And even though the film broke box office records in jamaica, it never made Rhone much money.

The harder they come, the harder they fall….



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