EXPIRED: 09/22/09 – Lucy Vodden, 46, was a schoolmate of Julian Lennon who drew a picture of her playing in the sky and wearing diamonds. There were no “newspaper taxis” or “kaleidoscope eyes.” And at age 4, there was no LSD. She died yesterday of lupus.

Lucy never related to the song she inspired, stating that it just never made sense. She even went as far as saying she hated it.

She met Julian only once – in nursery school – where the boy was dropped off in a white Rolls-Royce. he drew a picture of her. His dad wrote a song. She probably got ridiculed throughout school and life went on for both. She never heard from him again until much later.

The little girl grew up with a love of children. And while she never had any of her own, she studied childcare and worked with special needs children, eventually becoming a nanny and running a nanny-for-hire agency until lupus stopped her from working in her thirties.

In late stages of her illness, Julian wrote her emails and reconnected via text messages sending thoughts of encouragement. They shared a love for gardening. There were probably no talk of “newspaper taxi’s.”



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