EXPIRED: 10/12/09 – Brendan Mullen, 60, founder of punk club Masque, Hollywood’s answer to CBGB’s. He came from Glasgow to help pave the way for the Germs, X, the Go-Go’s, the Dickies, the Flesh Eaters and many more. While he may not have started the punk scene in LA, he definately gave it a place to bloom.

Brendan, born to a Scottish pa and an Irish ma, grew up with music in the home. When they moved the UK, he found himself getting jobs writing about rock music for London-based magazines. Then in the late 70’s he found himself, a punk musician without a band, roaming the US looking for a place to play.

He found a grimy rental in Hollywood where he could practice, but the landlord offered to rent him the entire 10,000-square-foot basement for $850 a month. So was born the Masque Club.

Mullen’s autobiography, “Live at the Masque: Nightmare in Punk Alley,” was published in 2007.



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