EXPIRED: 10/12/09 – Donald Kaufman, 79, was a collector like no other. He began his collection of toy cars and trucks by buying an International Harvester Red Baby truck for $4 from a friend. That was in 1950.

Advance 58 years and Don was in the midst of selling the largest and most valuable collections of antique toy cars and trucks in the world.

He amassed over 7,000 toy cars and trucks, stored at his home in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. His varied collection included vehicles of all kinds: taxicabs, ice trucks, dump trucks, fire engines, race cars and steam engines. Most of the cars actually worked. As you can imagine, such a huge collection can strain a marriage – and his first ended in divorce.

Kaufman’s love of toys expanded outside of his home life, too. His family business, Kaufman Brothers became KB Toys in the 1960s. As vice president, Mr. Kaufman was integral in the retail divisions expansion across the country. The company was sold in 1981 and went out of business in 2008.

Mr. Kaufman had just recently begun to auction his massive collection this past summer. What does a 79 near old need with 7,000 toy trucks? Two auctions already taken place generated more than $7 million. Before the third auction he passed away.

See? You shouldn’t take a toy away from a boy.



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