EXPIRED: 10/17/09 – Carla Boni, 84, was a household name in the 1950s.

That is, if your household was in Italy.

Born Carla Gaiano in Ferrara, Italy, Boni was an Italian singer  who joined joined the state-owned RAI orchestra as a singer in 1951. RAI switched from radio-only to TV and in 1953 the first televised showing of Italy’s flagship music event, the Sanremo Festival. Boni won that year with the song “Viale d’autunno.”

Boni’s other hits back then included an Italian cover of “Johnny Guitar,” “Italian Mambo” and “Casetta in Canada.”. In 1955 Carla Boni won the “Festival di Napoli” with the song “‘E stelle ‘e Napule “, singing with her husband Gino Latilla and Maria Paris. She competed at Sanremo five times between 1953 and 1961 and carried on performing on Italy’s equivalent of the oldies circuit for much of her life.

In the 1990’s she revisted “Mambo Italiano” as a featured guest with teh Flabby band. Then, in 2009, already very ill, she shot a music video for the song “Portami in India”, as a goodbye to her fans.



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