EXPIRED: 10/17/09 – Rosanna Schiaffino, 69, was an Italian film actress and show business icon of the 1960s, appearing on covers of Italian, German, French, British and American magazines.

Rosanna was born in Genoa in 1938 to a non-show business family. When she was only 14, she entered a beauty contest and won the title of “Miss Liguria”. The resulting photographs aroused the interest of movie producers but Papa objected to the idea of his still very young daughter leaving home for the flesh pots of the movie industry.

Mamma thought it would be a good idea, so without her father’s blessing but chaperoned by her mother and sister, Rosanna traveled to Rome for a screen test.

Soon she started playing small parts in Italian, French, and later also British films. By the end of the 1950s she had become as for her seductive appearance as she had for her temper tantrums on the set. Yet, she was a good Catholic girl and despite the increase in nudity in films at the end of the 1960s, Rosanna refused to appear in the altogether.

And with that her film career pretty much dried up.



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