EXPIRED: 10/18/09 – Leonard Keller, 62, had just turned 19 when he was drafted into the Vietnam War. It was 1966 and he was stationed in the Mekong Delta.

Constant firefights with the enemy never got boring, but when another U.S. infantry company was ambushed by the Vietcong Private First Class Keller’s unit went to the rescue.

The killed and wounded from the other company were excessive and his own unit was taking casualties. Keller and another soldier charged the enemy and took a systematic assault on a series of enemy bunker.

Eventually, the North Vietnamese force broke ranks and withdrew. Out of ammunition, Keller returned to his unit and helped load wounded GIs onto helicopters for evacuation.

In the summer of 1968, Keller was awarded the Medal of Honor by President Lyndon Johnson.

Forty years later, Keller was leaving the local veterans’ club on his three-wheeled Harley-Davidson on I-10 in Florida. The chopper rolled several times. This time, Keller didn’t know what hit him.



2 responses to “RIP – LEN KELLER

  1. Len’s daughter married my nephew a few month’s before his wreck.I had the honor to meet Len Keller.I also ride motorcycle’s.He was so proud of his trike motorcycle.It was black fully dressed.With his Medal Of Honor on the front.Len was a man with a Big Heart.Who loved to ride.He will be missed by everyone who knew him.

  2. I spent 27 years of my life with Leonard, there is such a tremendous void in my life. I miss him so much.

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