EXPIRED: 10/20/09 – Liam Maher, 41, vocalist for early ’90s band Flowered Up, which was part of the ‘baggy’ movement as the London equivalent to the northern “Madchester” dance-inspired rock outfits like the Happy Mondays, the Stone Roses and Inspiral Carpets.

The group became NME and Melody Maker cover stars, releasing the single ‘It’s On’ in 1990 and a 13-minute opus called ‘Weekender’ two years later. Their only LP ‘The Life of Brian,’ was deemed a dissappointment by many.

Point blank, Maher was a junkie. And despite trying to kick the habit, it had him by the balls.

Despite his drug problem, Maher signed to music label Poptones in 2001. But unlike other junkies, (hello Libertines!) he was never able to turn his habit into sellable songs.



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