EXPIRED: 10/23/09 – Jack Poole, 76, was a millionaire – semi-retired after a long career heading construction companies, real estate developers, marinas, golf courses, automobile dealerships and shopping centers. But he wanted one last job.

He wanted to get Vancouver to be the host for the Olympics. And he wanted that job so badly, he agreed to take the job for $1 a year, and to pay for any expenses out of his own pocket.

As we all know, he succeeded. The kid that wanted to be a hockey player – whose dreams were dashed due to a car accident – enticed the Olympic Committee to choose Vancouver as the host city for the 2010 Winter Games. In fact, just last night, the Olympic flame was lit as it began to make its long worldwide trek gtom Greece to Vancouver.

Poole watched from his hospital bed, excited to have seen the lighting ceremony and to have seen the flame ignited, knowing it was coming to the city he loved so much.

And just a few hours later he was gone, ending his suffering from pancreatic cancer.

I’m hoping 2010 will be a great Olympics. And that we’ll think of Jack Poole and others we lost this year around the globe.



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