EXPIRED: 10/23/09 – Lou Jacobi, 95, who, with a career spanning five decades, was a Canadian-born actor and comedian who apparently did it all.

From roles in Broadway’s The Diary of Anne Frank and Paddy Chayefsky’s Tenth Man, to the London stage’s Guys and Dolls, to being a regular on The Dean Martin Show, to a comedy recording entitled The Yiddish are Coming!  The Yiddish are Coming!, to feature film roles in My Favorite Year, Next Stop, Greenwich Village, Avalon and Dudley Moore’s Arthur, Jacobi earned himself an induction into Canada’s Walk of Fame in 1999.

Perhaps his most notable character was Sam Musgrave in Woody Allen’s Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex *But Were Too Afraid to Ask. If you’ve seen the film, you’ll remember Jacobi as the man stuck in a boring dinner party who snuck his way into a woman’s closet, cross-dressed in a white and red dress, jumped out a suburban 2nd story window, and ended up surrounded by cops as a transvestite victim of a fake purse snatching  on the streets outside. Priceless.

Clive Barnes of The New York Times said Jacobi was “a very funny actor who hardly needs lines to make his point.”

Apparently so; his utterance of “Aha!” in Neil Simon’s Come Blow Your Horn was so profound that New York Times columnist, William Safire, cited Jacobi in a piece specifically about the meaning of the word.



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