EXPIRED: 08/30/09 – Elizabeth Mary Leen, 78, a good Irish mum, took care of her clan. When one was stalked, attacked & stabbed, she spent nearly 30 years ensuring the bastard never got out of jail. She died just 3 yrs after his disappointing parole.

Leen, who was born in Causeway, County Kerry, Ireland but was an Oak Lawn, Illinois resident, became an advocate for victims’ rights after her daughter Mary was viciously attacked at the local Oak Lawn Sheraton Inn in 1976. Mary, who survived the attack, was just 19 at the time.

Maurice Childs was later convicted for that attack and sentenced to 50 years in prison.

Leen appeared at each of the 16 parole hearings for Childs. As Mrs. Leen got older, the Prisoner Review Board moved hearings closer to her home so she didn’t have to travel to distant prisons. She continued to go door to door or stand outside local businesses, gathering signatures opposing Childs’ release. Unfortunately, Childs was eventually released in May of 2006 after 28 years in prison.

“Oh Mary, I’m so sorry he got out,” Leen told her daughter, who by this time was a 47 year old mother of four.

Mary assured her she had done everything a mother could do.



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