EXPIRED: 10/31/09 – Chen Lin, 39, was China’s top selling pop singer, a singer who always sang about trying to find happiness and understanding emotions. Finally, I guess she either couldn’t figure it all out, or figured it out and didn’t like what she found, because she jumped from a 9th floor apartment building in Chaoyang District, Beijing.

She rose to stardom with a 1993 album entitled I Can Never Understand Your Love. It reached the top of the Chinese album charts selling 1.5 million copies. The singles “I Choose What I Want” and “Give up Your Love” were great successes but had an underlying uneasiness.

With “Give up Your Love,” she successfully transformed from a traditional ballad singer into a fashionable female artist, of the kind which you rarely find on the Chinese Mainland. Her songs unveiled the inner world of urban females that lurks disguised underneath an ostensibly carefree exterior. She explored the urban women’s true attitudes towards happiness, something unheard of from Chinese women.

Obviously, she had something to say.

In 1995, she married the singer Shen Yongge, boss of Zhu Shu Entertainment Ltd., but they divorced in 2007. She was married to singer Zhang Chaofeng in 2009, but it was an emotionally messy relationship.



2 responses to “RIP – CHEN LIN

  1. RIP Chen Lin. Thanks for the music that brought me so much happiness.
    God Bless, and I’ll see you sometime.

  2. as an American I have been discovering music from China the last 4 or 5 years and just recently found the music of 陈琳. Now it is extremely hard to find her music except on YouTube and I’ve only found 15 songs. My favorite song I had a friend help me with a translation…the music is very hauntingly beautiful

    雨瀟瀟的夜 心情好冷清   rain night my heart is longly
    聽著雨在滴 追憶往昔 回味幸福的痛 hearing rain thinking about the old day my heart is hurt

    理智和衝動 有誰能夠讀得懂 Impulse and reason , can you control it
    糾纏著我 無助的軟弱 空虛的靈魂 Entanglement my helpless soul

    大雨和泥淹沒了我 感覺快要窒息 rain and mud will flood me I feel Asphyxia
    燃燒的心波動的情 顫抖著我的心 my heart seems Combusting and my love is waving
    那些風花雪月 給了你我那麼多的感動 you gave me so much toughing
    敢問世間愛恨情仇有幾種 how many kinds loves and hate in this world?
    就讓傷痛隨雨逝去 消失在空氣背後天晴 let it go negative feeling
    我仍會留著眼淚微笑著看那 潮落與潮起 I still smelling and seeing the sea

    總會在雨夜 有一些孤寂 sometimes feel lonely in the rain night
    就連潮濕的 空氣都 享受著憂鬱 even the air enjoy the wet rain night

    翻來又覆去 眼中全部都是你 I thank about you you are always in my eyes
    輕輕的車旁 內心塵封 依舊太回憶 close the memories into to my heart

    我把自己都給了你 是不悔的堅定 I give you myself without no regret
    你點燃愛的火溫暖我 到現在還發熱 you gave me the love is hot until now
    那些刻骨銘心美麗的回憶 我都會珍惜 I will cherish you all you gave me
    親愛的你此時此刻在哪裡 where are you now my dear
    幹脆洗掉痛和快樂 就當作是重新來過 clear up everything let it start again
    此刻你是否也正在想我 正回心轉意are you thinking about me too are you think about our memories too

    雨就一直下吧別停 滋潤我漸漸幹涸的心don’t stop keeping raining let it moist my heart
    而我的心情卻還是 在放晴 my feeling is get better and better

    那個雨夜我放飛心中所有的衝動 let my all Impulse fly from my heart
    任憑思緒蔓延氾濫在夢中 oh 忘了吧 let all my thinking free in my dream
    從此不再醒來 未來又會是怎樣 never to wake up where is my future
    我的期待與渴望 明天是否會更精彩 my future will be better in tomorrow?

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