firestormEXPIRED: 11/05/09 – Adam Firestorm, 32, born Adam Dykes in New Zealand, he was a Canadian professional wrestler, known most notably as a mainstay of Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling. Firestorm wrestled the best of the Canadian circuit, including “Rocket” Randy Tyler, Dr. Luther, Chance Beckett, “Tornado” Tony Kozina, “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels, Bryan Danielson, Bryan Alvarez, Asian Cougar and Juggernaut.

Firestorm started as a journalist and editor for the magazine Northwest Wrestler, which covered wrestling in Oregon, Washington State, and British Columbia. Later he went on to publish programs for the West Coast Championship Wrestling organization and filled in as timekeeper and ring announcer at various times.

Then, when a wrestler failed to appear for a match in ’96, Firestorm put on a mask and became El Antorcha. He won the match. He kept wrestling and in a year, won the Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Title although he suffered several injuries getting there.

As he kept wrestling, Firestorm started taking more chances and taking on more injuries. His fame spread, but so did his noteriety as a dirty fighter, masked or unmasked.

In 2005, Firestorm suffered a serious elbow injury. While originally diagnosed by emergency room doctors as a case of tendinitis, X-rays would show a crack in the elbow 85% through the bone. Firestorm was told to rest the arm and it would heal within eight weeks. One year later, he only had 2% range of motion and few surgery options.

Firestorm’s wrestling appearances (all non-physical) have been few since his injury.  He instead focused on operating his own video production company, Firestorm Video Production.

In September 2009 Firestorm was severely injured when a van he was a passenger in collided with a 600 lb elk on Vancouver Island. As he later wrote in his blog, “When you look at what was left of the van, you can see how very close I came to being killed.”

Perhaps the proximity was too much. Firestorm took his life less than 2 months later on November, 5th.



One response to “RIP – ADAM FIRESTORM

  1. Hello,

    My name is Happy Kreter. I’m a friend and former tag team partner of Adam “Firestorm” Dykes. Could you help us out? We need to spread the word wherever wrestling fans and friends of Adam can get it.



    Here’s the info:

    Two trusts have been established to benefit Adam’s wife, Emele, and son, Thomas to cover memorial and interment expenses, and hopefully have some left over to start an education fund for Thomas.

    #1 Deposits may be made at any TD Canada Trust across Canada using the TD Canada Trust, Account No. 99190 – 004 – 99196307870.

    If sending money from the states or internationally, please make cheques payable to “Emele Dykes” for depositing to the account.

    Mailing Address:
The Dykes Family
306 View Royal Ave
Victoria, BC V9B 1B4

    #2 “Dykes Family In Trust” through the Coast Capital Savings. Donations may be made at any branch in B.C. via a deposit to the account


    Cheques and money orders can be made out to “Dykes Family In Trust” and mailed to:

    Dykes Family in Trust
c/o Happy Kreter,
4660-203 st.,
Langley, B.C. Canada
V3A 5J7

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