EXPIRED: 11/06/09 – Jacno, 52, was a Stinky Toy and a stinky boy. He who smoked too much. Way too much.

Born Denis Quilliard, Jacno was a founding member of the first French punk band Les Stinky Toys. In the early 1980s, after the group disbanded, he teamed up with former Stinky Toys singer Elli Medeiros to form the pop duo Elli et Jacno. Jacno had also released a number of solo albums since 1979.

His family was eccentric and so was he. What else would you call someone who was such a fan of smoking Gauloises that he took his stage name, “Jacno,” after Marcel Jacno, the illustrator who designed the cigarette manufacturer’s logo.

Jacno had learned to play flute at a religious school. modeling his musical tastes after his heroes Chopin, Mozart and Satie. But as a young teenager, he gravitated toward Chopin, Mozart and Satie. In 1973, he formed a short-lived band called Bloodsuckers, followed by Les Stinky Toys three years later with singer Elli Medeiros.

Les Stinky Toys got popular quickly, opening for The Buzzcocks, The Clash, The Damned, The Sex Pistols and Siouxsie & the Banshees. Melody Maker loved them; Trouser Press didn’t. By 77 they were gigging with , Generation X, The Jam and The Police and were soon signed by Polydor releasing their first album, Plastic Faces.

For their 2nd LP, they were dropped by Polydor and signed to a new label. La jeune sold horribly and wsa considered a commercial flop, although the critics loved it. A riot at one of their concerts left a fan dead and the band broke up.

Janco went solo and minimalist, releasing Rectangle , a single that reached #1 in many European countries and was used for a NesQuick advertisement.

In 1982, Elli et Jacno had a baby, Calypso, and released Boomerang as Elli et Jacno. Shortly after that they split up. A year or so later they stopped working together too.

A chain smoker, his fate was pretty much sealed. Gauloise ciggarettes are really strong. What lung could fight them day in and day out?

He died overnight from lung cancer, aged 52



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