EXPIRED: 11/12/09 – Orig Williams,78, best known among wrestling fans as El Bandito, had been actively involved in – or promoting the sport – for 45 years.

From Wales, El Bandito was one of the best villains in the business and could make any young blue eye look good. But he had a mean streak. Deep down he just loved to hurt people. Never one to turn down a challenge, Orig loved fighting. If you were facing him in the ring you had to be very careful because every chance he got, he would give you a sly kick in the ribs as you were getting up off the canvas. His foot-stomps to the chest were like being hit with a cement block.

Orig honed his wrestling skills while a member of the Royal Air Force. During the 70s, he traveled the world as a wrestler and promoter of shows in the United States and the Far East. And was notorious for bringing Ladies Wrestling to the UK, a pretty rough sport at that, at a time when ladies weren’t supposed to do such a thing.

A proud Welshman, in 1985 he published his autobiography, in Welsh of course, called Cario’r Ddraig. He was a columnist with the local paper, the Daily Post.

With Orig goes one of the last spectacular icons of the old days of wrestling, before it became too much of a show, but when it was still wild enough to know that when you saw El Bandito in the ring, you saw something special: Mayhem.

The years o wrestling did him in it would seem, his heart finally gave out. But he left this world reading poetry from his favorite Welsh poet, so maybe his heart didn’t give out at all. Maybe he just stopped being a wrestler.



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