EXPIRED: 11/15/09 – Jocelyn Quivrin, 30, “was one of the most seductive faces of French cinema.”

The French actor, whose next movie “La Famille Wolberg” comes out in December, was best known in France for his recent roles in Jan Kouneen’s popular comedy “99 Francs” and teen box-office sensation “LOL” opposite Sophie Marceau. Internationally, he was best known for his role in “Syriana.” All told, he made over 50 movies.

In 2008, Quivrin was awarded the first-ever Patrick Deware prize for most promising actor and the Cesar award for most promising newcomer.

Neither of these awards, however, could promise him his life.

Just outside of Paris, French actress Alice Taglioni, Quivrin’s companion and mother of their baby boy, was driving in front of Quivrin but didn’t notice he wasn’t behind her until she arrived at their home.

Miles back, at the entrance of the Saint-Cloud tunnel, Quivrin had lost control of his Ariel Atom. The car caught fire while Quivrin was trapped in the driver’s seat. Despite the efforts of firefighters, he perished.

The speedometer was found stopped at 230km/hr (143mph).



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