EXPIRED: 11/16/09 – Olivia Patricia Thomas, 114, lived a life that included parts of 3 centuries, and up until today she was the oldest person in America – and the third oldest person in the world.

According to the Gerontology Research Group, which tracks what it calls “supercentenarians,” Thomas, holds a few other records: She was also the oldest resident ever documented in the history of New York State and the longest-lived person ever born in Iowa.

It’s unclear if Thomas ever fully grasped her place in history, at her age the memory wasn’t all it used to be.

Thomas was still able to get around on her own through the use of a wheelchair as late as this summer when she had a wonderful birthday party at the nursing home she lived at.

Thomas married her childhood sweetheart, Frederick, whom she met in kindergarten in Iowa. They settled in to Buffalo but did not have any children. She did however have her garden. Affectionally as the “Plant Lady” , many attribute Thomas’ longevity to her devotion to her homegrown herbs.

She was also fond of a little wine with dinner. And cookies afterward.



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