EXPIRED: 11/20/09 – Arnold Rosoff, 93, was the “Arnold” in Arnold Advertising, one of Boston’s premiere advertising agencies.

Rosoff, a Harvard graduate, got into advertising after flying 150 missions in the Air Force in WW2. A short stint in an agency left him with a taste for the business but he didn’t want to work for someone else. He had a vision and started his own agency in 1946 before he was 30 years old.

One of his first account wins was McDonald’s, who hadn’t yet started selling burgers in the Boston area. That account, and the business it brought, helped Arnold grow quickly.

Yet, despite it’s size, Rosoff never lost the humanity of the business. To that end, many in the business considered Rosoff a mentor, a classic ‘ad guy.’ It’s said, and I can attest to this, if you worked in advertising in Boston, you either worked for – or with – the folks at Arnold. They had their fingers in everything.

Although he sold the business in the 80’s he still continued to be a prominent voice in the Boston area, particularly at Beth Israel Hospital, where he was on the board of directors. Then, at age 73, an age when most people shut off or slow down considerably, Rosoff started volunteering in the hospital’s ER.

He saw the humanity there, too.



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