EXPIRED: 11/23/09 – Lucky, 23, was a sheep. In some ways, she was pretty lucky, as she lived twice as long as most sheep do. But she was kinda unlucky to have been out & about during a record heat wave in an early Australian summer where temperatures soared to 86 degrees fahrenheit.

Lucky was hand-reared from birth by owner Delrae Westgarth after the ewe was abandoned by her mother. She went on to have 35 little lambs of her own. In 2007 she made the Guinness World Records as the oldest sheep.

But this summer was tough and bringing her in and turning up the air conditioning didn’t help out.

Still, who’s to say it’s not for the better? Lucky was toothless and arthritic. She had to be handfed with crushed grain and milk, was increasingly cantankerous, fighting with the other sheep and was constantly destroying her owner’s flowerbeds. Although, when she calmed down, they allowed her inside the house to watch television.

RIP, Lucky.

If you know where the current oldest sheep is now that Lucky is gone, please let us know.



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