EXPIRED: 11/29/09 – Solange Magnano, 38, was a former Miss Argentina who wasn’t asking for world peace, or  to end world hunger, or even for a cure for cancer.

Magnano was just asking for a hotter ass.

Forget about it being unnecessary…it was simple in comparison, and probably easily done. Right?


On November 26th, at a clinic in Buenos Aires, Magnano underwent, in her own words, a “no big deal” procedure to lift her buttocks and help her modeling career.  However, complications arose during the surgery, which involved injections of the substance Polimetilmetacrilate, and she was rushed to the nearest hospital with acute respiratory deficiency.  Her condition deteriorated until finally, three days later, she suffered from a pulmonary embolism.

Questions surfaced whether the doctor performing the surgery was actually a “real” professional from an approved cosmetic surgery center.  According to the Argentine Society of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery (SACPER), doctors in the country rarely use injections of polimetilmetacrilate in glutoplasties, instead preferring implants or transfers of the patient’s own fat.

“It can happen that the product enters a capillary,” Dr Carlos Reilly, vice president of SACPER, said.  “It is a procedure which has risks and must be inserted into very specific places.”  And those specific places do not include her lungs and brain, where the injection reached.

Magnano was a married mother of twins with a successful modeling career.  She was a woman who “had everything” according to close friend and fashion designer, Roberto Piazza.  “She was perfect; she didn’t need any surgery.”

Yet Piazza, unhindered by any awareness of hyprocrisy, went on to praise a breast implant operation Magnano had last year as “perfect”.  This buttocks surgery, however, he couldn’t “understand”.

Unfortunately, it would seem that a lot of women do understand.  In 2008, some 50,000 cosmetic surgeries were performed in Argentina.  The country has emerged as one of the world’s top cosmetic surgery destinations in recent years, with a growing number of foreigners travelling there in search of inexpensive cosmetic enhancements.

Worldwide, there were 15 fatalities recorded in relation to the same surgery that Magnano died from.

On TV, in newspapers and reports, that number 15 is often preceded by the word “only.”

And as of now, Magnano is the “only” former Miss Argentina to die from wanting a better ass. As of now.

S0 Long, Solange!



3 responses to “RIP – SOLANGE MAGNANO

  1. Great article about the unfortunate passing of Solange Magnano, and I agree with your point of view.

    I like the concept of this site – celebrideaths have a a huge following.

    In Hollywood, close to where I live, we have the Hollywood Forever cemetary, and they do a tour of all the talent buried there, and the stories are incredible, as well as the grave sites. I always reccommend it if you visit the city.

    I will be checking back here,this site speaks to me, and I am sure a lot more people out there like me.


  2. That’s pretty awful to inject something into your ass which gets a hell of a beating over the years when the person sits, drives a card … I can’t imagine any implants in my rear.

    I feel bad for this woman. She was already 38 and had breast implants the year before. It sounds like she was going to do what ever it took to look young. Very sad.

    A model should learn a new skill to make money after they are past 35.

    Plastic surgery is not a permanent cure for old age. But women are fooled into thinking that is true because after a successful procedure they feel it was money well spent.

    I have a friend who is addicted to cosmetic procedures. She looked a lot like Julia Roberts and she did some 20 procedures only to look totally odd. Size DD breasts on her anorexic bony body were bad enough but her face .. and she keeps wanting bigger lips.

    RIP Solange Magnano

    Cool blog!!

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