EXPIRED: 12/03/09 – Leila Lopes, 40, couldn’t have been very happy about her career trajectory. Porn stars are sometimes known to try to become legit actresses, but it’s rare that it happens the other way ‘round.

The Brazilian soap opera actress and TV presenter  – and more recently, porn star – was found dead in her home in Morumbi in Sao Paulo, presumably the victim of a heart attack brought on by an overdose of anti-depressants.

Still, authorities are not saying it wasn’t intentional.

Lopes appeared in the Brazilian television mini-series “Guarani, O” in 1991. Other credits include the character Suzane in “The Cattle King” in 1996 and the role of schoolmistress Lu in “Rebirth” in 1993.She went on to appear in a total of nine different television shows but gained notice with her nude pictorial in the magazine “Sexy,” shot outdoors at Maragogi Beach. She previously appeared in “Playboy” magazine in 1997. She also joined the cast of Brasileirinhas in the production of pornographic films appearing in “Sins and Temptations.”

Death is not sexy, but heaven is hotter now that Lopes is there.



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