EXPIRED: 12/15/09 – Oral Roberts, 91, claimed to see and speak to a 900 foot Jesus in 1980. Too bad he won’t be around to celebrate that big Jesus’ birthday next week.

Born into poverty in Oklahoma, Roberts suffered from tuberculosis as a kid and probably had little more than hope to live on. He must’ve hated being sick and poor because he spent nearly every waking moment as a healthy adult ripping cash out of other people’s wallets as a lying TV evangelist taking advantage of the sick and the poor all around him.

On his TV program, Roberts called himself a healer – something dramatically put to the test when his son was fighting a severe drug addiction, a problem Roberts was unable to heal. His son committed suicide after going through less than two months of rehab. So much for being able to save the sinners. Roberts couldn’t even save his own family.

There were many other reasons to not lose sleep over Robert’s death.

Oral Roberts, you may recall, is the man who claimed that the Lord told him to cure cancer. He then went to his TV followers (the poor, again) to ask for money to build a 20-story research tower  – the City of Faith Medical and Research Center in Oklahoma. The Center opened in 1981, lost a lot of money and closed 8 years later. A cure for cancer was never found.

On January 4, 1987, Roberts informed his TV congregation that if he did not raise $8 million in 2 months, God was going to take his life. (I always found it interesting that God had financial goals and KPI’s).

Comparing himself to the apostle Paul, Roberts begged not to let Satan defeat him. “God,” he said, “clearly told me he needs me here on earth. And here’s why — because of all the ministries, this ministry is the only one God has on this earth that owns a medical school.”

Too bad God didn’t know it was about to close down.

Roberts raised the money  – especially after his son Richard got on TV and begged the audience to not let his Dad die or Satan would come after each and every one of them.

Roberts woke up the next day and just kept lying.  He even used the bible to flaunt his wealth, using the King James translation the testament 3 John 2, which says “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth” to say to his wife on his TV program: “Evelyn, now this means that we’re supposed to prosper as Christians.”

Roberts goes on to recount how, after discovering this verse, God gave him a brand-new Buick. Evelyn enthusiastically agreed with Roberts that to prosper “is God’s highest wish for us.”

Then he had the audacity to write a book entitled “How I Learned Jesus Was Not Poor.”


So I hope they enjoyed their lies, and their Buick’s and their family troubles. And I hope they enjoyed duping thousand’s – millions – of people around the world with their tales of personally knowing Jesus Christ. You can have it.

Although it scares me a little that Roberts also said that God told him he would return from the dead to rule over the Earth.

That would truly suck.



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