EXPIRED: 12/18/09 – Connie Hines, 78, was an actress who played a girl married to a guy who had a horse — a talking horse.  Her character, Carol Post, was married to Wilbur Post, the only person who could talk with Mister Ed in the 1960s television show of the same name.

Of course, of course.

Hines, from Dedham, Massachusetts, came from a show business family. Her dad taught acting in Boston. After her first marriage ended in divorce, she moved to New York to try to start a Broadway career, took a brief shortcut through modeling and then headed out to Hollywood with $200 in her purse.

Forgettable roles in “Thunder in Carolina,” “The Millionaire,” “Johnny Ringo,” “Sea Hunt” and “Riverboat” led her to her big break with “Mister Ed” in 1961.

Stll, those roles didn’t pay much so she didn’t even have a phone in her apartment. Instead, she waited by a gas station pay phone for over 3 hours, drinking cup after cup of coffee until her agenct called with the good news.

After “Mister Ed” ended , Hines found it hard to get work and did the occassional supporting role on shows like “Medical Center,” “The Mod Squad” and “Bonanza.”

Work pretty much dried up in the 70’s, except for an spot or two on Hollywood Squares. By the 90’s she was living comfortably on the coast between LA and San Diego hosting a local cable access show about animals, interviewing veterinarians and animal behaviorists and offering animals for adoption.

In 1996, she reunited with her “Mister Ed” co-star, Alan Young, in the play “Love Letters.” The two remained friends over all this time, so why not.



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