EXPIRED: 12/31/09 – Glauco Onorato, 73, was an Italian film, television and voice actor And with his death dies a good chunk of Hollywood. At least for Italian movie goers. He was the voice that brought so many stars to life!

Can you imagine teaching Arnold Schwarzenegger to speak Italian? He could hardly speak English for Chissakes.

That’s where Onorato came in. He was the voice of the current Governor of California in Terminator, Commando, Raw Deal, Predator, and True Lies. He also voiced Charles Bronson in the Magnificent Seven, When Hell Broke Loose, Assassination and Death Wish 5. For Italian audiences Oliver Reed would have had no voice in And Then There Were None or The Gladiator if it weren’t for Onorato.

He gave Danny Glover an Italian voice in all the Lethal Weapon movies and was the Italian tongue of James Coburn in The Great Escape, among others..

It doesn’t stop there. With Onorato gone the following have all died a little, at least in Italy:  Anthony Quinn, Mr. T, Nick Nolte, Omar Sharif, Rock Hudson, Dick Van Dyke, Brian Dennehy, Terence Stamp, Gene Hackman, Rutger Hauer, Kris Kristofferson, John Goodman, Sidney Poitier, Nick Nolte, Lee Marvin, Sean Connery, Walter Matthau and John Wayne. Even Hulk Hogan and OJ Simpson.

He also dubbed, uncredited of course, for his friend the Italian actor Bud Spencer, who felt he his Neopolitan accent was too heavy and unsophisticated for a national audience.

He wasn’t just a voice actor. He worked on several comedies of Eduardo De Filippo in the ’60s and acted in several films and soap opears over the years. His last film appearance was in the 2008 film “Chi nasce tondo” as Padre Ignazio.

As with many Italians I know, family was very important, and so it was with the Onorato’s. Glauco, born in Turin, was the son of actor Giovanni, and his son Richard and daughter Sara are both voice-over dubbers in the Italian film industry.



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