EXPIRED: 01/01/10 – Freya Von Moltke, 98, was a quiet woman who lived in Vermont until her death. You wouldn’t know it from her demeanor that she was a prominent member of the anti-Nazi resistance in World War II, and planned to kill Hitler with a bomb.

The Nazi’s called it terrorism. In retrospect it was heroic.

The group Von Moltke was part of was called the Kreisau Circle. She and her husband, Helmuth, were opposed to Hitler from the start of the Nazi regime and assisted Jews through their  law practice in Berlin. They then started a group of like minded objectors, the Kreisau Circle, which held secret meetings at their estate. It was led by Helmuth, who was later executed for his leadership role.To save her life, Von Moltke kept quiet, but later said: “I never advised him to stop, but rather encouraged him, because I was convinced that that was the right way for him to fulfill his life.”After the war, she escaped with her children to South Africa where she began life as a social worker.  In 1956, unable to further tolerate Apartheid, she returned to Germany but immigrated to America in 1960. She became a US citizen in 1976 and has since published several books about the Kreisau Circle.She once said, “To object and then to stand for what you believe in is one of the most important human activities to this day.”



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