EXPIRED: 01/02/10 – Jeanette Scola Trapani, 107, survived the Great Depression, the Great Recession, the Millenium, just about everything…since she was the oldest survivor of San Francisco’s 1906 earthquake.

Trapani was a 3rd-generation San Franciscan who was only 3 years old when the 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck the city by the Bay (actually the earthquake hit just 3 days before her birthday). Even though she was so young she swore that had vivid memories of the disaster, including the smell of the smoke from all the fires during the aftermath.

She also remembered staying in a tent rather than her house after the quake had weakened most city structures. For quite a while Trapani called a canvas tent in a refugee camp in the Presidio, home sweet home.

A piano teacher for many years, Trapani drove until 7 years ago and she finished off every night with a glass or two of wine. With 12 great-grandchildren, we bet it was more like 2 glasses.



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