EXPIRED: 01/06/10 – James Von Brunn, 89, was a white supremacist and Holocaust denier who went to the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC and shot Stephen Jones, the security guard, dead.

He never lived to stand trial, but if he had, he would have surely gotten the death penalty.

Von Brunn was such a racist that he wrote a book about it with the unfortunate title of “Kill the Best Gentiles.”  In it he alleges that the Holocaust was a hoax and that there is a Jewish conspiracy to destroy the white gene pool.

Prosecutors have said von Brunn was upset with his financial situation and basically blamed the Jews in the banking industry. They claim he arranged personal affects and funeral plans before his visit to the Holocaust Museum and that planned to kill as many people as possible.

This wasn’t his first anti-Semitic act. He was once caught outside a board meeting of the Federal Reserve carrying a bag stuffed with weapons. His explanation? He was trying to kidnap board members. He was sentenced in 1983 for attempted armed kidnapping and was released six years later.

Born in St. Louis, Von Brunn was a World War II veteran who served in the Navy before working in advertising on Madison Avenue.  In 2004 he moved to Hayden, Idaho, home to the Aryan Nations, a racist group run by neo-Nazi Richard Butler.

Let’s hope he goes to hell, and lets the victim of this story, security guard Stephen Jones, Rest In peace.



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