EXPIRED: 01/10/10 – Ann North, 77, was just a regular young lady of Liverpool, England. But then she became a fan of the Liverpool Football Club. And when I say a fan – I mean a real fan.

The Liverpool Football Club, with 18 titles, and 5 European Cups are a tough bunch. But they ended up having a soft spot for North, who they dubbed ‘Ann of Anfield.’ They knew her well…how could they not? She missed just 20 games in 40 years – and she saw all 7 European Cup finals.

She spent so much time at the matches over the years that she became great friends with star team member Phil Neal, the only player to have appeared in the first five of Liverpool’s European Cup finals. She used to bring him fish from the local market in Grimsby, so he usually comp’d her tickets.

Smart one, that North. She’ll never walk alone.



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