EXPIRED: 01/10/10 – Tony Halme, 47, was also known as Ludvig Borga, a professional wrestler with the WWF. His schtick was that he entered the ring to the Finnish national anthem and battled America wrestlers because America was polluted.

He was also known as Viikinki, a name he used as he battled against contenstants in the Finnish version of the TV game show American Gladiators.

Wait. It gets better.

But more than anything he was Tony Halme, a member of the Finnish Parliament, representing the True Finns party.

After his wrestling career he went into politics, mostly popular with the poor and underemployed of Helsinki, but gaining enough votes for that to really matter. He also suggested that Finland should send drug dealers to Russian prisons as this would save Finland a lot of money and teach a valuable lesson – as Russian prisons were a lot harder than Finnish ones.

The day after the elections, Halme referred to President Tarja Halonen as a lesbian. He stated that if a lesbian can be president of Finland and he can be a member of Parliament, anything seems possible. Halonen herself made no comment. Halme later apologized, stating that he was sorry that the statement had been interpreted as an insult and that he had been under the genuine impression that Halonen was a lesbian.

Things only got worse.

In 2003, police were called to Halme’s apartment due to a domestic quarrel. A gun was fired. While no-one was hurt, Halme’s blood was found to contain alcohol amphetamines. Illegal steroids were found in his apartment. Typically, Halme blamed it on someone putting something in his drink.

The trial was televised and Halme was convicted, he continued to serve as a Member of Parliament. Three years later he was convicted of drunk driving.

Later that year, in 2006, Halme was committed to a mental hospital, reportedly due to delirium caused by excessive alcohol use. He had also been diagnosed with alcohol-related cirrhosis and acute pancreatitis. After being on sick leave for almost the entire year of 2006, he went on disability pension at end of the Parliamentary term.

During all this time he had written four books and recorded a pop album called Mestarit salilla. He has also starred in the Finnish movies Ponterosa and Kohtalon kirja. Stateside, he had a small role in the Bruce Willis movie Die Hard: With a Vengeance.

Last month he complained that, while trying to write a book of his political career, he was having trouble with his short term memory, and in fact couldn’t really remember anything of importance.

It seems like he remembered where he put his gun though. Although officials are mum, it looks like a suicide.



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