EXPIRED: 01/12/10 – Brian Damage, 46, was an punk rock drummer who was was good at what he did but never really found a band to call his own.

Born Brian Keats in Brooklyn, New York, Damage drummed for Genocide and Verbal Abuse. But when Glenn Danzig invited him to join The Misfits he quit for the big time.

Big mistake.

Damage began rehearsing with the Misfits just weeks prior to the band’s annual Halloween gig in Detroit. His first and only show turned out to be the band’s farewell. Whether it was nerves, stupidity, or a ‘fuck you’ attitude, Damage got totally wasted before the concert and couldn’t even keep a beat. The band threw him off the stage midshow and a fill in sat behind the drumkit to complete the gig.

Damage returned to New York City and drummed for a slew of bands, including Hellbent, the Kretins, the Hellhounds, the Skulls, Angels In Vain, Princess Pang, Raging Slab, and the Diamondbacks.

After none of those bands worked out he went west and settled in Los Angeles and played for Wink, Pressurehed, Baron Jive, Sylvain Sylvain, the Light Bachwood Movement, Link Protrudi & The Jaymen, Paul Inman, Marioux, Low Pop Suicide, 3 Day Wheely, Bortek, Susanna Hoffs, Doppler, The Fuzztones, Billy Idol and Tramdriver.

He was a drummer you could count on. And Damage could count on his rep to keep getting regular gigs.

What he didn’t count on was liver cancer.




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