EXPIRED: 01/14/10 – Otto, 20. Actually, this dachshund-terrier mix was 20 years, 11 months, making him about 30 days shy of being 147 years old in dog years if you buy into the every human year is seven dog years equation. Regardless, 20 years is phenomenally old for a dog, as my nearly 9 year old Black Lab, Caruso, will attest to.

Otto took over the title of “world’s oldest dog” back in October 2009 at 20 years, 8 months as confirmed by the Guinness World Record group in November. It’s not a record I’d want a dog owner to try to beat.

He was cared for by Lynn Jones of Shrewsbury, England who was Otto’s human companion since he was just a six weeks old, playful pup. But even as he aged, suffered from arthritis, and lost his hearing, he still liked to play with the neighborhood kids who regarded him as the local mascot. They all grew up with Otto around.

And, like many human couples, one usually ended up sleeping on the sofa, as Otto preferred sleeping in the bed and wouldn’t budge once he got comfortable.  I can sympathize.

Poor Otto was diagnosed with an inoperable stomach tumor earlier in the week, and the poor old boy was put down.

But I bet he had a great life.

Sleep well, Otto!




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