EXPIRED: 01/17/10 – Guy Myers, 58, loved to play guitar more than he loved to work for the man. So he quit the latter to do the former. Forever.

Myers worked for Hewlett-Packard for nearly 20 years. But 10 years ago, his drinking habit caused complications at work. The company offered to pay for a substance abuse rehabilitation program but Myers declined.

He subsequently lost his job, got divorced and has been homeless ever snce.

But life hadn’t been horrible.

He had friends. he had pet cats. And he had a guitar. And he loved to play for people . He didn’t panhandle, but passersby got to know him as a good, trustworthy guy and eventually would offer him odd jobs. And if you hired him for a job, he was there on time and did the work.

And maybe he brought his guitar. He was known locally as ‘the Guitar Man.”

He was walking along Highway 101 in Sunnyvale, California when he was struck and killed by a passing car.



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