EXPIRED: 01/21/10 – Jacques Martin, 88, was a comics creator who was one best known as the man behind the French classic comic strip, Alix.

After studying engineering in Strasbourg, Martin started drawing comics in 1942. By the end of WW2, in 1946, he met Georges Remi, also known as Hergé, with whom he collaborated on The Adventures of Tintin.

Two years later he created Alix, his most famous series, published in the magazine Tintin, whose adventures – extremely-well researched – occur in Roman antiquity. This historic comic soon became one of the most popular of the genre and went on to be published in several countries worldwide.

Martin went on to create other characters, beginning with the contemporary journalist Lefranc in 1952. Much later he created the medieval architect Jhen in 1978, the French revolutionary officer Arno in 1984, the Athenian Orion in 1990, and the Egyptian Keos in 1992. In 2003, he also started a new series – Loïs set in the court of Louis the sun king of France.

In 1998, due to failing eyesight, he left the drawing of Alix to Rafael Morales. Alix continues running to this day.



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