EXPIRED: 01/21/10 – Larry “L.A.” Johnson, 62, received an Oscar nomination for best sound for his work on the film “Woodstock” but that was just the beginning.

It was at Woodstock that Johnson met musician Neil Young and the two had been film collaborators ever since.

Johnson filmed a 1970 Fillmore East performance by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, and produced Young’s impressionistic 1974 feature “Journey Through the Past.”

As head of Young’s Shakey Pictures, Johnson produced “Rust Never Sleeps,” “Human Highway,” “Solo Trans,”  “Weld,”  “Year of the Horse,”  and “Greendale.”  As director he worked on “Neil Young: Silver and Gold,” “CSNY/Déjà vu”  and last year was executive producer of Jonathan Demme’s Young documentary “Neil Young Trunk Show.”

He also recorded sound for Bob Dylan and Cat Stevens, assisted Martin Scorsese on the documentary on The Band “The Last Waltz” and produced the 1980 Joni Mitchell documentary “Shadows and Light.”

Lots of great music and movies. If you’re a Neil Young fan, you have Johnson to thank for preserving some great moments.



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