EXPIRED: 01/21/10 – Leon Villalba, 21, was a guitarist of the British metal band After Death, who record for Death Toll Records. The band started a world tour called the “Masters of Hate Tour 2010” and had a day off. To relax they went to the beach in Atalaia, Brazil, notorious for it’s strong and dangerous waves.

Villalba, and bassist Tim Kennelly, 18, went fairly far into the waves while the rest of the band, Marc Yacas, 22, Toby ‘Kendo’ Westbourne, 21, and drummer Barry O’Connor, 22, stayed closer to land. Villaba started having troubles and Kennelly went to his aid. By the time Kennelly got to his bandmate, he was struggling also.

Villalba’s body floating was pulled to shore and o’Connor tried to resuscitate but he was already dead.

Kennelly’s body showed up much later in the same condition.

After Death will return to the UK.



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