EXPIRED: 01/22/10 – Viola Lennon, 86, who, in 1956 went to a meeting of new mothers and ended up eventually profoundly influencing the lives of countless moms around the world. What became known as “the quiet revolution”, Lennon’s role in founding the La Lache League will forever mark her place in history.

Back in the 50’s artificial infant feeding was increasingly popular. It was convenient and less messy. And wasn’t that what women were supposed to be as wives and mothers in the 50’s? Convenient and less messy? Not for Lennon.

She and her followers dared to speak out about the benefits of breastfeeding, and the importance of the maternal-infant bond that stems from it.

For over 50 years Lennon worked to continue this organization; one of the largest networks of women ever imagined.

Born in 1923 in Chicago, Illinois, she married William Lennon in 1951 and gave birth to, and breastfed, 10 kids.

So ladies, next time you have a 4am feeding…think of Lennon. In may be inconvenient and messy, but you’ll thank her in the long run.



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