EXPIRED: 02/02/10 – Ng Teng Fong, 82, lived simply, worked 18-hour days and was publicity-shy. He ran his business by doing all calculations the old fashioned way, with an abacus. And he packed his own lunch and took it to work every day.

Kinda interesting that he was a real estate tycoon and at the time of his death was the richest man in Singapore.

Ng, the eldest of 11 children, was born in a small village in Putian, Fujian, China. The family moved to Singapore when he was six and now owns Hong Kong’s largest real estate developers, the Sino Group, as well as one of the largest landholders in Singapore, the Far East Organization.

Despite controlling at least 25% of Singapore’s housing market, and having a personal wealth worth over $5.5 billion (US), Ng lived in the same simple house for over 30 years.

His belief was that “hard work, coupled with good luck, paves the road to success.”



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