EXPIRED: 02/05/10 – Frank Magid, 78, took hard news and made it soft. And, well, if he didn’t make it soft, he IS responsible for making it all the same.

Just take a look at TV news coverage of 40 years ago. Stories were fairly detailed and, in many cases, localized. Magid, who had a market research firm that claimed to know a thing or two. That firm, Frank Magid and Associates, developed a new format for news: the fast paced, mostly headlines Action News.” The “Action News” format was adopted by networks around the country and, eventually, by broadcasters around the world.

He also developed “Good Morning America,” so he was kind of a copycat too.

Magid was a Chicago-born Korean War veteran who served as a professor of psychology, anthropology and statistics at Coe College before founding his firm, which is still principally owned by the Magid family. Magid’s son, Brent, is now chief executive officer.

Next time you’re totally bored or repulsed by the news – or lack thereof – thank Frank.



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