EXPIRED: 02/05/10 – Greg Pianka, 35, was a bassist of the Heavy Metal band Dirty Looks. And apparently someone must have thought he gave them a dirty look in a bar in because they took out a knife and ended his career and his life.

Ironically, he died at a place called the Hi & Dri Pub. Local cops in Millcreek near Erie, Pennsylvania, arrested a 64 year old patron and charged him with the musician’s murder.

Dirty Looks was formed in 1985 in the San Francisco bay area. After some minor success and good airplay on the West Coast and, believe ir or not, in France, they broke up and reformed in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Despite and ever changing lineup – Dirty Looks – had over 40 members in 2 decades – and many independent labels – they slugged it out, playing every bar they could, gaining support the old fashioned way. And SONY Records took notice.

They regrouped yet again in 2008 with  a new CD “California Free Ride” and in 2009 Pianka became the new bassist.

For Painka, though, Fame was short lived. Prior to Dirty Looks, he was known for providing rhythm for local band Crawl and, before that, Maynia.



One response to “RIP – GREG PIANKA

  1. greg lived upstairs from me he was a great friend and a good person. he would have done anything for anyone. many that knew him could have told u that, he played great and belive me we had many great times lol he was a party animal……..i wil miss him…when i heard what happend to him i could not believe that someone would do this too him.

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