EXPIRED: 02/09/10 – Walter ‘Fred’ Morrison, 90, spent a Thanksgiving dinner in 1937 tossing the lid of a popcorn can back and forth between himself and his girlfriend Lu. The lid soon dented and they switched to cake pans they snuck out of the kitchen. The cake pans flew much better.

A lightbulb went off in Morrison’s brain and within no time he was selling something called the “Flyin’ Cake Pan” on the beaches of Santa Monica, California for 25 cents each.

After World War II, during wich he was a prisoner in the Nazi’s famous Stalag 13, he returned home to sketched out a design for the world’s first flying disc – the Whirlo-Way. By 1948, he found and investor and got his Whirlo-Way design molded into plastic. He called the plastic version the Flyin-Saucer to take advantage of the new UFO craze.

By the mid 50’s he perfected the design and released the new version as the Pluto Platter, the archetype of all modern flying discs still till this day. He sold the rights to the Wham-O hunting goods company in 1957. Wham-O originally marketed it as the Pluto Platter and saw it as an extension in to the sporting goods market, but a year later added the name Frisbee, a misspelling of the name of the Frisbie Pie Company.

The instructions were simple, and written by Morrison’s wife, Lu, the same woman he tossed the popcorn lid with 20 years earlier: “Flat flip flies straight”

Since then over 200 million Frisbees have been sold. And my dog has personally destroyed at least 2 dozen!



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