EXPIRED: 02/09/10 – Joe Alonge, 52, worried about the world and the things it left behind. That included stuff that could be recycled – including dogs.

As a kid he put his heart and soul into recycling. He got a grocery store job recycling bottles & cardboard, and eventually found himself managing Florida Power Corporation’s recycling programs. Then in the early 90’s he started his own companies, recycling mercury from lighting fixtures and paper. He helped his neighbors in Tampa, Florida save by saving the world a little bit at a time through his latest venture, Brite Energy.

Meanwhile Alonge saved a stray dog that kept hanging around his house.

It was mangy and hungry and only seemed to be a year old. He cleaned him up, named him Mercury, and took him everywhere. Alonge had no kids, so every year he baked Mercury a birthday cake with his name on it. He baked 15.

He even got Mercury a playmate, a boxer named Elizabeth.

Dogs shouldn’t have to see their owner pass before them. But that’s what happened to Mercury and Elizabeth.

Alonge, who had a heart attack at far too young an age, had both dogs listed among his survivors.



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