EXPIRED: 02/11/10 – Alexander McQueen, 40, was a British fashion designer at the pinnacle of success and at the brink of a breakdown. The breakdown won.

He was found dead in his home Thursday, apparently by hanging, days after posting anguished remarks on Twitter about how he was dealing with the recent death of his mother.

McQueen is credited with reviving a long stagnant British fashion industry with edgy pieces that included trash for headpieces and lobster claw shoes. Considered daring and fearless, he was weeks away from presenting a new collection in Paris.

He didn’t court celebrity, they courted him. Which made him think celebrity was all the more ridiculous. So he didn’t feel bad making them look more and more outrageous. (He was responsible for Janet Jackson’s SuperBowl “wardrobe malfunction.”)

But his fashion for the every-woman was stunning and cutting edge and his shows were thrilling combinations of music and art.

While McQueen was pressured to top himself in Paris next month, the anxiety went into hyper drive when his mother passed away on February 2nd. McQueen cancelled his showcase at the New York Fashion Week, went into seclusion in London and started to publicly share his anguish via Twitter.

Then privately, he died.



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