EXPIRED: 02/12/10 – Viva Leroy Nash, 94, was, as his attorney claimed, a “doddering old man, who can’t hear, can’t see, can’t walk, and is very, very loony.” That may be so, but in reality Nash held the record as the oldest American on death row, a record he relinquished due to his death from  natural causes. Sly little fucker.

Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, Nash spent most of his life in and out of prison for crimes including transporting stolen vehicles, robbery, and attempted murder. At the tender young age of 15 he was put away for armed robbery. Cute kid.

Then, in 1947, at 32 years old, he served 25 years, for shooting a police officer in Connecticut during a hold up.

Not out of prison 5 years, he was once again arrested and sentenced in 1977, this time for life, for murdering David Woodhurst, a Salt Lake City mailman. Nash escaped from prison in ’82 and despite trying (or maybe not trying) to stay out of trouble he ended up killing Greg West, a clerk in a Phoenix, Arizona coin shop a month later.

When he was caught his life sentence turned into a death sentence.

With his health waning, his attorney claimed that senility had rendered him not legally competent to be executed. So nature took it’s course.

I’d say rest if peace if I meant it, but I don’t.




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