EXPIRED: o2/14/10Lil’ Dave Thompson, 40, a blues guitarist who had just finished performing the last show of his tour was killed in an auto accident outside of Augusta, Georgia while he and his band were returning home to Greenville, Mississippi from Charleston, South Carolina.

None of Thompson’s band members were seriously hurt in the accident.

Thompson was born in Mississippi in 1969 into a blues family, his father Sam having performed alongside artists like Asie Payton, Willie Foster, and Paul Wine Jones. He began playing guitar at the 9 years old, and was playing in local bands by his early teens. The Fat Possum label released his recording debut in 1995 when it released Little Dave and Big Love.

After disappearing for 6 years, he reemerged in 2002 with the classic blues recording C’mon Down To The Delta.

But it was his next recordings that made him a superstar in the blues world; Got To Get Over You, released in 2006, and Deep In The Night two years later earned Thompson a loyal following. It didn’t hurt that he toured practically non-stop.

And there lies the problem. All that touring leads to exhaustion and road weariness, and while we’re not placing any blame, it’s just a shame – especially on Valentine’s Day.

He had so much more to have the blues about, and now so do his fans.



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