EXPIRED: 02/14/10 – Doug Fieger, 57, the singer-songwriter for American pop band the Knack, wrote his first two albums about ex-girlfriends and broken hearts, so it’s kinda apropos that he would break the hearts of all his fans by leaving them finally and completely on Valentine’s Day. The Knack’s biggest hit was 1979’s “My Sharona” but nearly the entire album was written about that love /crush of Doug’s.

He had been living with his girlfriend Judy since he was 15, and moved from Detroit to Los Angeles with her after the demise of his first band, Sky. Judy worked as a hairdresser and while Fieger tried to get his new band, The Sunset Bombers, off the ground. Across the street from Judy’s salon was a children’s clothing store and in it worked a young girl named Sharona. Fieger met her, broke up with Judy and moved out.

“That’s how it happened,” he told the Detroit Free Press last year, “I chased her. Most of the songs on the first and second Knack albums were written about her.”

Fieger were born and raised in Oak Park, Michigan, a northern suburb of Detroit. While still in high school, Fieger played bass and sang lead in the aforementioned Sky, which was founded by producer Jimmy Miller of Rolling Stones, Traffic & Blind Faith fame.  Sky recorded two albums for RCA Records. He played bass guitar in the German prog rock band Triumvirat in 1974.

He formed The Knack in 78 and was discovered playing The Troubadour in West Hollywood that same year.  They were signed by Capitol Records in early 1979.

In 2006, during a performance in Las Vegas, Fieger became disoriented, developed a dull headache and grasped for the words to songs that he had written and performed for years. Diagnosed with two brain tumors, Fieger underwent surgery and had two brain tumors removed, and while he returned to performing it was never the same.

Shook that original drummer Bruce Gary had just passed away, Fieger was also diagnosed with lung cancer for which he had undergone extensive chemotherapy and had one half of a lung removed.

On Valentine’s Day 2010, he died of cancer at his home in Woodland Hills, California.

And the little girls, little no more,  just didn’t understand.



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